Vision & Mission

29 Years of Experience in Industry

Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited adheres to international standard in mining and environmental conservation, which delivers excellent value to the communities, stakeholders and partners.

Our Vision

Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited aims to be a global player in the mining and mineral industry by 2030.

  • To be a highly-respected, world-class natural resource company committed to delivering value
  • To be a responsible mining corporation that discovers and processes mineral and energy resources
  • To generate business, training and employment opportunities in the communities in which we operate to create sustainable community benefits.
  • To adopt available best practices and advance new technologies where appropriate to manage our environmental footprint and operate sustainably.

Our Mission

KCCL strives to set the benchmarks in global mining, value creation and CSR by:

  • Fostering talent, teamwork and enhancing the leadership qualities for growth.
  • Providing superior service and product by building well relationship with the customers or clients.
  • Maintaining a reliable working environment and consideration to the communities for prolific and multi-dimensional growth.
  • We provide commercially viable approach by developing leading-edge solutions in technology, processes and supplies.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Be who you are
  • Courage: Choosing to Confront fear of risk and uncertainty
  • Accountability: Assume responsibility for actions, outcomes and decisions
  • Teamwork: Working together towards achieving a common goal

Our Objective

  • Create robust inventiveness
  • Optimise action
  • Resource for success
  • Sustainable long life