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This contact was awarded to DECO for 7 years,which is being executed by KCCL. In this contract the total excavation volume is 335 lakh CuM.The work started from September 2020 to develop and operate this old chromite mine. Initially, the total volume of ore and OB to be excavated is about 38 lakh CuM per annum and to be enhanced to the tune of 69 lakh CuM during the 5th contractual year. The activitiescovered are Mine planning, excavation as per plan with drilling and supported Blasting Operation,re-handling as per requirement,Construction of infrastructures, Stack Management, Maintenance of Haul Roads, Diesel Storage and Usage, Mine Dewatering, Operation and Maintenance of ETP, Loading of Chromite Ore for dispatch.

It is one of the deepest chromite mines being operated up to depth of about 130 meters from the surface with the use of sophisticated equipment.


This mine was awarded to DECO for 10 years which is also being executed by KCCL. The agreement was signed on 29th September 2020 and mine activities startedfrom January 2021. This mine contains two old chromite blocks atKamarda and Saruabil. The total excavation in this contract is 512.5lakh CuM. Initially the excavation capacity of the mine is 7.5 lakh CuM in FY 2020-21 and excavation capacity will be enhanced to 70 lakh CuM by FY 2025-26. KCCL is executing the same activitiesthat are being carried out at Sukinda Chromite Mines (SCM).


Jilling-Langalota Iron & Manganese Mine is situated in Barbil Tehsil of Keonjhar District.The nearest railway station is Jaroli in South Eastern Railway at about 3 KM from the mine.

The mine is going to be operated with a PeakRated Capacity of5987000 MT per year.KCCL won the contract of JillingLangalota Iron and Manganese minesin the tender floated by Odisha Mining Corporation.KCCL started mining activities after OMC handed over its site on 16th February 2021. This is an old mine being operated since last 2 decades with railway infrastructure within its leasehold area.

Chief Minister Shri. Naveen Patnaik and Union Minister of Mines Shri. Pralhad Joshi jointly inaugurated the production in the above mentioned mine through video conference on 18th February 2021. This mine will add an annual turnover of Rs. 111.58 Crores to KCCL’s exchequer.


This fully Mechanized Old Mine of 2.0 MTPA capacity, commissioned in 1974 could not achieve more than 30 % of the Capacity as the Crushing and Ore Handling Plant (OHP) was the major bottle neck.

KCCL accepted the challenge of BOT contract for modification of OHPand completed in record time. But commencement of operation was delayed for nearly 3 Years due to delay in Statutory Clearance. Starting in November 2014, this project immediately achieved rated capacity in 2014-15 and 2015-16. During 2016-17 with production of 2.63 MTPA,KCCL successfully produced 2.61 million MT in 2017-18, 2.30 Million MT in 2018-19 and 3.0 Million MT in 2019-20 and also in 2020-21.

The capacity of the mine has been enhanced to 3.0 MTPA with scope of production of 4.5 MTPA.It is now planned to enhance the annual production to 6.0 MTPA subject to approval of OMC and other statutory bodies.

Hilltop Iron Ore Mines

The Hilltop Iron Ore Mine awarded by Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC) to KCCL in the year 2017, is now running at a production capacity of 4.5 MTPA. Despite the highly discontinuous nature of deposit and bad weather conditions, KCCL never failed to achieve its production target within given period. Now the Planning is to make the mines a capacity of 6 MTPA.

South Kaliapani Chromite Ore Mines (Quarry-F):

With a new contract awarded by Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd, KCCL has started mining operation in February 2020 for development of Quarry–F of South Kaliapani Chromite Mines requiring an average of 60,00,000 CuM. of excavation per annum for 7 years.

This virgin chrome ore deposit will bring an additional annual turnover of around Rs. 80 Crores per annum. Now the mine is running at a capacity of 40,00,000 CuM. per annum which will be enhanced to 78,00,000 CuM. per annum by the beginning of the 4th year of the contract. In addition to excavation of Chromite ore and overburden KCCL is performing the transportation, pumping of water from the pit and stacking of chrome ore according to their grade. KCCL has a highly expert and skilled team for smooth running of this project in Quarry-F.

DECO Putulpani Iron Ore Mines at Gandhamardan:

Putulpani Iron Ore Mines is now running with a production capacity of 1.5 MTPA. KCCL is now successfully running this mine with better productivity and now planning to expand the mine to a capacity of 3 MTPA in recent years. KCCL is operating this mine on a sub-contract basis.

Starting with a target of 0.5 MTPA, the company could achieve more than 1.5 MTPA till the mine was closed for the absence of statutory clearance. In this area, the company has developed the expertise of local people of working in Open Cast Mechanized Mine. The ROM ore and overburden/ waste are loosened by drilling and blasting. Overburden is separately taken to waste dump while ore is taken to crusher, both by loader/ shovel and dumper combination. After Crushing and Screening mostly CLO (size +10-40mm) and Fines (size -10mm) are separately transported to respective stockyards. The mine uses multiple auxiliary equipment for supporting various mining activities in an eco-friendly manner. This expertise and existing facilities, at present contract gives the opportunity for operating adjacent mines in the near future.

Kalta Iron Ore Mines, SAIL:

KCCL has started this project in recent September 2019 and got the project for the period of 3 years with annual production target of 2.17 MTPA. It is the mine where KCCL is handling the blasted ore both manually and mechanically. Here, the production of iron ore is being done with the deployment of hydraulic drills, excavators, loaders, tippers etc. After sizing the ore is being transported to the railway siding at Roxy for loading into wagons.

Other Contracts:

KCCL is developing the LDBC road at Daitari Iron Ore Mines in the Dist. of Keonjhar on Sub contract basis given by the owner Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC). This sub contract is for a period of eleven months. (16th July 2019 to 15th June 2020)

KCCL has taken the road development project of four lane road from Ichinda stack yard to Hanuman Square at Suakati- Ichinda road of Gandhamardan Mines in the district of Keonjhar, on sub contract basis given by the owner Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC). This sub contract is for a period of 9 months.

KCCL is doing the development of the haul road from Hill top to stack yard at Ichinda of Gandhamardan Mines in the district of Keonjhar on sub contract basis given by the owner Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC).

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