Our Prime Business


India is known for its rich mineral potential since pre-historic days and today has abundant resources of varieties of industrial minerals already established and proved. After Independence, mineral production within the country has steadily grown and today it is third largest producer of Coal, fourth largest producer of Iron ore and fifth largest producer of Bauxite, besides Lime stone, Chromite, Manganese ore and other valuable minerals of Copper, Zinc, Gold etc. India is rated amongst the top producers of metal and fastest-growing economies in the world and the business regulatory environment is fairly open, and follows free-market competition principles. This gives scope and opportunity for enhancing production capacity of iron ore and income generation for growth of Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited (KCCL).

Infrastructure Development:

Under the contract of “raising and transport” of ores KCCL is further developing necessary facilities for haul roads, electricity supply, DG supply, solar lights to the quarry area, Crushing and Screening plants, stockpiles, dump areas and other ancillary facilities including residential/colony areas, water supply for mining areas and colonies besides drinking water. For environmental compliances, sprinkling system, sewerage, sumps, bunds, retention walls are developed and maintained. All the enhancements in the mining areas are being served successfully by KCCL.

Transportation and Handling:

Besides transportation and handling covered under “raising and transport” contract for the mining operation, KCC also handles loading them into railway wagons (ship loading).