Business Activities

We secure projects by establishing professional and trustworthy relationships with reputed companies. To enhance business opportunities, KCCL explores all the NITs and contractual assignments in websites, newspapers and in mining related areas which covers our proficiency as well as competency. For a detailed assessment of scope, constraints and advantages of the project, we visit the site by contacting the key person of the company. After an internal evaluation, KCCL submits the competitive final bid with a financial proposal. Once we get selected, we receive the work order, then comply with the requirements, terms to start the contractual activity.

There have been special cases when we accept sub-contracts from the other selected bidders awarded with our working capabilities. After negotiations and agreement with the party, we take up the assignment with intimation to the Principal. KCCL is also being approached by many companies for additional contractual responsibilities. After many rounds of review and analysis, the assignment is executed with specific work order and agreement. We always review the work assigned and plan out the execution in details with respect to the development of facilities, deployment of man and machines. Every assignment is monitored, checked for timely completion and achievement of the target.