Past Projects

BOT Project at Daitari Iron Ore Mines:

It is a fully mechanized mine of 3 MTPA capacity. Crushing and Ore Handling Plant (OHP) was the major bottleneck of the Project for which it could not even achieve 30% of the capacity. KCC accepted the challenge for this BOT contract of 10 Years in 2010. Modification of OHP was completed within recorded time, but the commencement of operation was delayed for nearly 3 Years due to delay in statutory clearance.

The project started in November 2014, has immediately achieved the target. During 2016-17 with the production of 2.63 MTPA, it was planned to achieve 3.0 MTPA during 2017-18. For the contract of about Rs.1000 Crs., KCCL is now in the process of further expansion of the capacity subject to the approval of OMC. KCC has a full-fledged team for Open Cast Mechanized Mining starting from Mining Face development to the mining operation for this project.

Kurmitar Iron Ore Mines at Khandadhar:

The contract started in the year 2010-11 for a period of 10 years, with the enhancement of production capacity from 2.4 MTPA to 6.0 MTPA by the 5th year. Due to statutory constraints limiting the area of operation, the mine could not operate smoothly until October 2014, and even the capacity of 1.5 MTPA could not be achieved. Due to improvement of situation in 2015-16, KCC could easily acquire the production target 2.4 MTPA in 2016-17 and expects to achieve 4.0 MTPA in 2017-18. It has planned to achieve original capacity of 6.0 MTPA during the remaining period of this contract.

Prior to this, KCC had been operating this mine from 2005 to 2010 where starting from a capacity 0.5 MTPA to 2.5 MTPA. This fully mechanized Open Cast Mine was operated successfully with all the operation of mine development, drilling and blasting, excavation and transportation of Ore and overburden. ROM Ore below 800 mm was transported to hopper and the grizzly feeder and then to screens for classification of -10mm (fines) and -40mm + 10mm (Lumps) saleable products. This gives the strength to achieve higher targets within a limited area of operation at the earliest.

Kurmitar Iron Ore Mines:

The past projects involve kurmitar iron ore mines in Khandadhar which has a contract period of five years starting from 2005 to 2010. The location was nearly 15 kms away from Barsuan railway station, 17 kms from Barsuan bus station & 500 kms from Bhubaneswar airport. Kurmitar site has the village limit include Tilkuda, Uskura & Sareikala and range include eastern ghat, precampirin, iron ore group series.

The total lease hold area in Kurmitar mines was 1212.470 hectare out of which DP area was 133.112-hectare, exploration conducted in 100 hectare, and proven reserve estimated is 69.33 million ton. The major constraint of this project was the remoteness and very poor infrastructure facilities of transportation of iron ore and other resources for production of iron ore.

South Kaliapani Chromite Mines:

This is the deepest open cast Chromite mine with an operational depth of 120 meters with adequate provision for de-watering and under difficult condition in maintaining slope and haulage roads within the soft weathered rock formation contaminated with seepage water. The contract involves mechanised operation for excavating waste and overburden along with the chromite ore, separately to be transported to OB dump and ore stockpiles respectively

The five years contract has started from April 2011 had an annual target for excavation of 34,43,300 Cum. After marginal shortfall in the 1st year, half the target could not be achieved during 2nd and 3rd year, which was due to statutory constraints and limited area for dumps and stockpiles. Though it marginally improved in 4th and 5th year, the target at the end of contract could not be achieved. The contract was extended for one more year. Despite the constraints continuing, by addition of night shift excavation of 40,000 Cum has been achieved this year which is the best achievable under the present situation.

Other Contracts:

During august 2013 and may 2015, the company has utilized its available HEMM equipment like drills, dozers, graders, shovels and dumpers for drilling, excavation, loading, transportation and dumping. At Ukni open cast mines of Wani north area of western coalfields, the company has successfully completed the assignment of achieving more than the target with the appreciation from authority.

Similarly, the company has engaged its mining equipment in various contracts for the transportation of ore to stock piles and loading into railway wagons. To support the production efforts, many development works like the construction of roads, bridges, drains, residential colonies, office, workshops, stores has been undertaken. Simultaneously such activities have been taken up for the environmental safety and management.

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